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Acquisition FormAcquisition form samples.IRS FormsjpgDownload
Annotated Form 56 Annotated Form 56 ExampleIRS FormsjpgDownload
CEO Cover LetterThis is a sample cover letter to send to the CEO of company you are paying a bill for such as VerizonTemplatespdfDownload
Form 56 ExampleIRS FormspdfDownload
Jarrett Realty CashApp QR Code for Online OID FilingIf you would like JRI to file the OID for your 1099A please send $3 per OID using CashApp.JRI DocumentsjpgDownload
Conditional Acceptance TemplateThis document is for educational purposes only. This is a template…TemplatedpdfDownload
Jarrett Realty Investors 1099-A ProcessYou must innerstand the difference between your ALL CAPS name…JRI DocumentswwwLink
Holding Consultant AgreementHolding Consultant AgreementJRI DocumentspdfDownload
Fee Schedule TemplateRedline fee schedule template.

Pure Trust Contract User ManualDetailed instructions on how to activate the Pure Trust Contract Trust.

Trust DocumentspdfDownload
Pure Trust Contract with IntroductionPure Trust Contract with Introduction

Trust DocumentsodtDownload
Weiss’s Concise Trustee HandbookA guide to the administration of an express trust under the common law, functioning under the general law-merchant.
Trust DocumentspdfDownload
EIN Extensive ListResourcespdfDownload

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